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Our range is handcrafted with care to ensure you get the highest quality beard products proudly made in the UK. Originating from the popular seaside location of Brighton, the vibrant and diverse nature of this city influences our image to bring you luxury and unique beard care. Designed with the help of our professional Herbalist and Aromatherapist with over 35 years’ collective experience, you are in safe and expert hands. 

Our aim is to set the standards for innovation, quality and lasting effect by drawing on the experience from those that know. So all our products have been trialed by barbers for their seal of approval and the result is a perfectly formed range of grooming solutions for your beard, pushing the limits of hold, style and aroma. 
We use 100% natural oils expertly balanced throughout our beard oils and balms to condition your beard and the skin beneath it. Working in unison with natural oils produced by your skin, they provide the ultimate protection against dryness and skin flaking that you need. 
Here’s the science. Your skin produces natural oils called sebum to keep it naturally moisturised. As your beard starts to grow, the hair can become a sebum ‘hog’, causing the surrounding skin to become dry, itchy and sometimes flaky. That’s where our range of beard oils and beard balms step in, with natural oils which can help to replenish moisture. 
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We warmly welcome you to experience our blends and hope you don’t follow us but join us on our journey.

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