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Socha is an Aromatherapist and Holistic Therapist since 2002. After qualifying, she worked for a large health spa chain, then a smaller local spa alongside working for herself. 
As luck would have it, she joined Shelley's family herbal business in 2004. The two became great friends and have enjoyed working harmoniously together since, which has of course worked out well for EastWing Grooming Co and we proudly have our very own Aromatherapist on board to help come up with the amazing synergistic blends for our products. 
Socha is married to a lovely (if only short bearded!) man and they have two children. Their mixed race afro hair has given her nightmares and cause to find the right products to tame and manage it over the last few years!! 
Socha has enjoyed using her aromatherapy brain to help EastWing Grooming Co create our awesome blends of professional beard oils and balms, and looks forward to devising many more in the future.