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Shelley is a 2nd generation herbalist, who was fortunate enough to be raised around natural medicine and has worked in her family’s herbal product business since 1994. 
A fully qualified herbalist and Iridologist since 1999, Shelley is a ‘seasoned pro’ when it comes to natural health. 
A mother of 3 children ranging from teenager to toddler, she has been able to rear her own family with the same ethos for natural health – all 3 children born naturally and at home, Shelley fully trusts and believes in the power of plants and nutrition. 
With her understanding of plants and natural health, combined with working and then eventually running the family mail order herbal business, who else would be better equipped in the day-to-day running, manufacturing and dispatch of EastWing Grooming Co. 
Well that and being engaged to James – one of the Company Directors and Co-Founders – really meant no choice, but she’s not complaining as she knows they’re doing it the right way, for the right reasons :)