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The Voiceover BeardThe Voiceover Beard: International man of mystery? Somewhat. Suave bearded hunk with the voice of a rhinoceros in a steam room? That's certainly true.

Agency-represented and ready to eat your ad copy for breakfast, The Voiceover Beard has been at it for years, having done voiceovers for some recognizable brands of his time. And he's only just beginning. His Instagram account will make you laugh till your balls shrivel up unless it intimidates you into taking an unending vow of silence out of self-consciousness due to the unfortunate and shrill scratch that you call a 'voice'.

He is happy to be an official endorser of EastWing Grooming Co's products which he regularly features on his Instagram feed, @the.voiceover.beard

A true renaissance man, he is also versed in the craft of commercial photography which you can enjoy on Instagram @belishaphoto and at