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House of Coco
House of Coco Interview - Behind the Brand
"EastWing Grooming Co has quickly become a popular choice for bearded gentlemen. In the few months since launch they have grown rapidly in popularity, due to the quality and style of their products, including several celebrity endorsements from professional sportsman. James Wingate & Gary Easton the company directors give an insight into how their beard care range came about and their team of industry experts that give them their professional edge."
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"EastWing Grooming Co's premium beard oils and balms bring a professional look and feel to beard care. Their Herbalist and Aromatherapist have used over 35 years’ experience to design and hand-blend products that release supremely elegant aromas."

Men's Fitness
“Blending natural ingredients with their experienced and qualified Herbalist and Aromatherapist, they offer a truly luxurious beard care range endorsed by athletes. Due to their premium quality, style & aromas, they are definitely a brand for the professional.”

Absolute Magazine Article

"Eastwing Grooming Co has quickly become a popular choice for bearded gentleman who care about their beard products. Established September 2017, they have grown rapidly in popularity, gaining a reputation of being favoured by professional footballers and athletes. Due to the high-quality health benefits for beards wrapped in a luxury style brand that they offer, its easy to see why."
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BN1 Magazine

BN1 Magazine
"A feature in GQ. Endorsement from a premier league footballer. No, it’s not the latest Paco Rabanne cologne. It’s a professional beard grooming company that’s come straight out of Brighton." Read full article