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How was EastWing Grooming Co founded?
Having been in financial services since 2004 James built a reputation of hard work ethics and raising the standards. Notorious for designer stubble in one form or another, he took part in Movember in 2016 taking his facial hair to bushy madness. Needing a product that would work from the office to the demands of extreme sports he searched for an oil & balm to accommodate his lifestyle.

The biggest wake-up call was when he discovered he was using a balm that had no official safety certificates. Having no idea what he was putting on his face and having spoken with the Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC) they revealed it’s a very common problem they come across. So, turning to his fiancé Shelley a qualified herbalist and her close friend and colleague Socha, a qualified aromatherapist since 2002, they got to work creating and blending with the highest quality of 100% natural ingredients they could find to try tame his mane.

What was created in that lab was sheer awesomeness in a bottle and he was soon getting friends and barbers asking for samples to use. Chatting with Gary Easton an old friend and work colleague, they felt they could fulfil a lifelong dream of raising the standards of service within their own company rather than someone else’s. EastWing Grooming Co was formed and they’ve poured their hearts and souls into creating the Professional Look, Professional Feel of men’s grooming products ever since.

How & why should I use beard oil & balm?
Click here to find these useful guides that our resident beard expert and a member of the worldwide group The Bearded Villains, David Smith has handily put together to answer these and other beard grooming products related queries.

Where are you based?
We’re very fortunate to be situated in the South East of England based in and around the diverse and vibrant city of Brighton. Nestled between the South Downs National Park and the sea you can find Brighton an hour train ride south of London. A popular tourist destination and with a reputation of a trendy, eccentric vibe with a diverse culture we try to replicate this within our own image to keep us true to our roots. If you want to learn more then click here to read our articles written by our in-house Brighton based blogger Katie.

Are your products 100% natural?
100% yes we resource from trusted and reputable suppliers for our professional beard products & blends to ensure we’re looking after you to the best of our abilities. We also avoid Parabens and Palm Oil and it goes without saying that nothing we use, buy or sell has ever been tested on animals. We love animals so much we have become a charity partner with the Dogs Trust rehoming centre donating a percentage of our profits to helping man’s best friends.

How safe are your products?
This we don’t take lightly so originally seeking advice from all the beard safety services we could find we eventually discussed in length with the very helpful Aromatherapy Trade Council about the various beard oil safety regulations. We then had all our products vigorously tested via toxicology scientists signing off our cosmetic safety reports from their laboratory. This ensures we are officially registered on the Cosmetic Product Notification Portal and gives us the ability to supply to EU member states with confidence, so you’re in safe hands with us gents.

What sets you apart from the other beard product providers?
Around 2012/13 the beard product industry saw a surge of new contenders to the market. We appreciate we’re late to the party, however, we’ve used this to our advantage studying the good the bad and the ugly to bring you our own unique stamp of the best beard products.

We’ve also got in-house resident experts with our Herbalist Shelley and Aromatherapist Socha who we regularly sit down with to discuss, design, test and blend our product line with. Once we think we have created something special we then pass the concepts to our professional barbers to put them through its paces.
We ensure we have the highest level of professional input and experience in every aspect of EastWing to give you the professional beard products you deserve. We’re very much a close friends & family business and due to this everyone involved has a true desire for us to stand out from the crowd and as always we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work and effort guys & girls.

What are shipping and delivery costs?
We aim to ship UK orders within 3 working days via Royal Mail 24. FREE Delivery on all UK orders.
EU shipping options are International Standard £6.00 or International Tracked £12.00;
Rest Of World shipping options are International Standard £8.00 or International Tracked £14.00.

How can I get involved?
We’re always running competitions and updating our blogs with beard care products guides to reward your loyalty and we hope you feel part of the family. We know we’re making waves in the industry but you're the currents that take us from the UK to distant shores so follow, like and share our story and be part of it yourself.
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