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About Us

In 2017 Gary Easton and James Wingate formed EastWing Grooming Co to bring professional men’s styling products to your door.

With our unique beard oils and beard balm products, we offer the very best in men’s beard care. 
EastWing Grooming Co is based in the UK and is very much a friends and family business. Our beard grooming products have been scrutinised and tested by our experienced team of industry experts including our Herbalist and Aromatherapist, barbers and bloggers. It means what we say, blend and create is awesome and true.  
We like to set the bar at prestige quality whether you use our range for the office, sofa or gym. There is no compromise. We make sure that every element of what we do is professional and personal for us and for you. 
Our ethos is to give back the highest quality of 100% natural resources, non-animal tested and where possible non-timber harvested ingredients. We blend our products carefully to suit the wearer's needs and lifestyle accordingly. 
We also take your safety seriously and what we offer you is completely free from synthetics and preservatives plus fully compliant under the European Commission.

By making our choices wisely and relying on our close team of experts, our products offer you a professional look and professional feel to male grooming. We know you’re going to love our style. 

James & Gary

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