Chelsea Trosclair – Goodfellas Barber Shop, Texas

Chelsea Trosclair

Name: Chelsea Trosclair

Barbershop name: Goodfellas Barber Shop

Location: Texas 




What got you into barbering & how long have you been in the game? 

Honestly, I never thought I would end up in the hair industry. Before this, I worked construction as a steam tracer in a chemical plant. I thought I would stay in that industry for the rest if my life. When that contract ended, I was 19 years old living with my mom so I had to find something.

Now, I was never the girly girl growing up, so hair and makeup had never even crossed my mind. I remember getting on Facebook one day and seeing this girl with amazing vivids in her hair, so I figured I’d go to school for that. I did women’s hair for about 2 years, but realized I just didn’t have the passion for it.

A friend of mine suggested doing men’s hair, so I went to the local chop shop and worked there for 4 years. Unfortunately, with places like that, they don’t really care about the quality of the cut so I would constantly get in trouble for taking too long on a client. (We were timed) Being in a place like that will make you hate your craft and lose all passion for it as well.

Goodfellas Barbershop

Then a year ago, I was hired on at Goodfellas Barbershop and was welcomed into an amazing barber family. This place changed my way of thinking, has helped me grow in skill and personal ways, and has me constantly striving to be better. I love my giant dysfunction family here ha-ha. All in all, I’ve been doing hair collectively for 6, going on 7, years.

What was your biggest mistake/learning curve when training?

It’s hard to pinpoint my biggest mistake. You make so many when you first start out in this industry. However, if I had to choose one, it would be second guessing myself constantly. Either being about my skill or the haircut, I would constantly second guess myself. With haircuts, it would make me continuously push the guide line up, which would obviously raise the fade way to high.

I’ve had some great teachers, one being good ole YouTube, to help me along the way.

With new barbershops popping up all over, what do you think makes a successful barbershop business?

Consistency for one!! It plays a huge factor in creating that all around experience for the clients. Nothing is better than walking into a shop and knowing that no matter who you go to, you are going to have a great experience and an awesome fade to go with it.

A shop also needs to have some kind of structure and the ability to keep a fun and positive energy in the shop. Communication skills are a must because we’re not just barbers. We are basically a therapist too ha-ha. Or at least it feels that way for me.

What are you finding is the most popular style/request/trend recently?

In our area, bald fades with a textured top and edged up fringe is really popular. I’d say the combover is probably just as popular as well.

The barbershop is the perfect place to relax and discuss all manner of topics. What’s the funniest story you’ve come across when chatting to clients?

Man, that’s a hard one. The number of stories I hear is unreal. Honestly, the funniest thing that has happened to me had to have been with one of my elderly clients. He is the absolute cutest little old man!! So, this man is wheelchair bound and had asked if I could shave his beard off. Of course, I agreed to it!

He was fairly low so instead of trying to bend over the whole time, I got on my knees so it would be eye level. The old man started giggling away and I had no idea why. I asked him what was so funny and h just shook his head. I asked him again, and he giggled for a good 3 minutes and finally said, “It’s just been a very long time since I’ve had a woman on their knees for me!” Man, I died laughing. His daughter was rolling on the couch in laughter as well. I hope to be like him one day and not give a fuck ha-ha. Old people goals.

Guys growing out beards have been popular over recent years; do you think this trend will continue/what’s your opinion on them and the styles?

*in my best Elsa voice* “let it groooow. LET IT GROOOW!!” 
I am a beard fanatic!! The longer the better! One thing I can’t stand is hearing about how someone’s significant other wants them to keep it short or take it totally off.

When that happens. I typically let them know that they have no man card, and somewhere in their significant others purse is their balls in a jar. (My clients and I constantly throw shots at each other. All in good fun)

Men’s grooming is only getting more popular, what new styles/products or techniques would you like to see improved/brought out or developed within the industry/peers?

Honestly, I can’t say anything should be improved. This industry is a constant learning experience. There are always new trends, new styles, and new techniques. It’s just about taking the time to improve yourself and your skill.

There’s a lot of banter between barbers which helps makes the shop a fun place to be. What’s the funniest joke played/situation occurred in your shop?

We don’t really play too many jokes here, but we are all trash talkers! We will roast any and everyone! It always keeps it fun energy in the shop, especially when the clients get in on it. The guys have an ongoing joke about me and call me Chad. They say I have an alter ego that is a dude. Apparently hunting and being into sports makes you a guy ha-ha.

What one bit of advice, if you could back in time would you give yourself when you were just starting out in barbering?

Man, the best advice I could give myself would have to be to never doubt yourself. Even if you’re not one of the best now, it doesn’t mean that you won’t be soon. Everyone started out doing shit fades. People didn’t get to where they are now by starting out with the sickest fades. You grow!

What’s your top tip for cutting/trimming/fading/styling etc or favourite tool to use in your shop?

My shears and feather razor would have to be my favourite tools. I absolutely love creating texture and volume with them. My favourite little trick is using the feather razor over comb. It allows you to add a tad bit of texture to the sides as well as blend.

Final question, it’s Monday morning your team are lagging from a heavy weekend what track do you put on to get everyone motivated?

We have a YouTube playlist that we show on the TVs here for the clients. It’s all censored. But in the mornings before clients show up, we normally blast people’s requests which go from rap to bachata. I, personally, will jam some Emmure or A Day To Remember.

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