How your beard can make you more money

Success favours the well-groomed.

Whether it be at the Oscars, parading down catwalks or your average suited and bearded commuter off to the city, beards are more than a fashion statement.

Science suggests that facial hair from designer stubble to full a Grizzly Adams is imbued with social messages, and can play a significant role with the well-groomed man feeling more confident.

study in 2016 by the University of Chicago and UC Irvine revealed that well-groomed and presentable men can expect to earn up to £11k more than those that look like they’ve been shipwrecked. This makes looking after yourself worth roughly 20% more on average to your income than not.

Steve Jobs grew a beard relatively late in life. Oracle CEO Larry Ellison has one. So does Marc Benioff of, Reed Hastings of Netflix and Richard Branson of Virgin Group. Also, Former CEO of SAP and Hewlett-Packard Leo Apotheker plus Scott Thompson, who was CEO of Yahoo.

A well-kept beard forming part of your attire will enforce the feeling of extra confidence about yourself and fully realise your potential and abilities. This is primarily because you know you are looking your best.

Confidence is the key to success in all walks of life, and your career is certainly part of that.

Co-workers will struggle to trust someone who has doubt in themselves. As well-presented men visibly exude their self-assurance, they have a great advantage over those who don’t care about their appearance. Making a lasting impression quickly will set the foundation for being held in high regard at the outset giving you a significant competitive advantage over others at work

Making impressions is very important in business.

Grooming yourself well doesn’t just mean putting on your best-looking suit but going through a good ritual of personal hygiene. By using professional revitalising products on your facial hair will strengthen the feeling of being confident which in turn makes you comfortable as well.

Men who display a top level of personal hygiene demonstrate that they are able to take good care of themselves which is important in any competitive working environment.

A well-kept beard is traditionally associated with giving the appearance of wisdom and maturity. You don’t look either extremely young or extremely old, but have a healthy balance of maturity and knowing you are taking care of yourself.

Keeping your beard healthy and well kept can set you apart and place you valued highly in an association.

Whether you have a week’s worth of heavy stubble, a month-long beard or the formidable full beard embrace your bearded status. Revel in your rugged looks and join the professionals.

Good grooming is an integral and impeccable style a must. If you don’t look the part, no one will want to give you time or money.

Make your way over and check out our range of beard care products and start making that professional difference to your grooming habits.

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