Winter grooming

From harsh cold wind and rain, to the office heating on full blast, when winter arrives usual grooming routines no longer cut the mustard. No matter how dazzling your Christmas jumper is, flaky skin, lank hair and unkempt facial fuzz won’t make you the Prince Charming of the office party; so here’s our guide to what you need and what to avoid this season to keep you looking fresher than newly fallen snow.

Facial Scrub 
Skin is often left dry, dull and flaky due to the constant changes in temperature during the winter months. This is due to skin cells failing to regenerate rapidly enough, so look to invest in a good exfoliating facial scrub. Using it at least two to three times a week will keep skin smooth and moisturised.

UV Rays
Be warned that harmful UV rays can be equally as damaging to the skin in winter. Taking some time each day to use a quality SPF moisturiser will help guard against them and keep you looking the dashing gent you are. However, with the shorter days, we tend not to get much sunlight- so adding in a daily Vitamin D supplement can really help!

Central heating
Central heating may be keeping you toasty, but secretly it’s sapping moisture from your skin. A dehumidifier is the best way to ensure the air stays moist. Alternatively, you can opt for the cheaper option of placing a few bowls of water around the house or office; which will also help if there’s an alien invasion a la Signs.


Omega 3 fatty acids
You will find nasty shaving nicks fail to heal properly if your diet is deficient in foods containing fatty acids. It also leaves your skin dehydrated and more prone to infection.

Getting in some oily fish such as salmon and mackerel, or taking a daily supplement, will top up your stores and keep your skin happy.


Alcohol dehydrates you from the inside out. Keep topped up with plenty of water as this will help your skin battle the problem. This will also likely keep you strutting your stuff for longer too, and probably reduce your hungover the following day.

Keep an eye on your skincare products that contain alcohol too. Be sure to check the label as they often can dry out your skin, and with the differences in temperature that’s not helpful.

Beard Care

Because that manly beard of yours sucks moisture away from the surface of your skin, it’s already battling to avoid becoming dry, dehydrated and prone to the dreaded beard dandruff. Throw in varying temperatures and excessive eating and drinking you need to help it out with some reinforcements. Massaging your beard and the surrounding area with a good-quality beard oil will promote healthy growth, as well as keeping skin soft and well-hydrated underneath as it increases blood flow.

A firm holding beard balm will offer your beard and skin beneath it protection too. Our natural Bees Wax and Shea Butter also locks in the moisture for longer against icy chills. All in all, keeping you looking the coolest looking guy this winter.

Whatever the weather, look after yourselves gents: you deserve it


Diet & love your beard

If you think about it what you eat and drink and how that it affects your skin and your sweat every day then it has a huge impact on your beloved facial hair. Remember how those 8 pints and that greasy kebab with garlic mayo and chilli sauce the night before seeps through your pores the following day fuelling the need for a hot shower? Well, then how do you think that is going to affect your hair growth?

By eating and drinking the right foods will increase healthy and effective hair growth with the most prominent ingredient being folic acid.

By being mindful of what’s on your plate and increasing the amount of folic acid intake in your diet, you could see a significant difference in your facial hair’s growth.

Folic acid (and folate) is a water-soluble vitamin B. Folate occurs naturally in food and folic acid is the synthetic form of folate. Food sources include dark leafy greens, cereals, pasta, beans, mushrooms, organ meat, orange juice, tomato juice and more.

Also, biotin is helpful in beard growth because a deficiency in it can actually lead to hair loss! Also known as vitamin H, biotin is one of the B complex vitamins that help the body convert food into energy.

Biotin can be found in liver, fish, cauliflower, beans, oysters, carrots, bananas, egg yolks, soy flour, and more. Other foods that can help to stimulate facial hair growth include beef, potatoes, Brazil nuts, raisins, gelatine, and sorghum.

So, make sure you’re getting enough of these foods in your diet every day to give your beard the nutrients it needs and you’re on the path to bearded glory my friend.

A good supply of all the vitamins and minerals you need to encourage optimal hair growth. Vitamins A, C and E will all contribute and can be found in the likes of sweet potatoes, oranges and spinach respectively, while B3 and B7 are also important (avocados are a good source). If ever you needed an excuse to fill that plate up a little bit more, then this is it.

Got the secret to a beautiful beard? Tried any other beard growth techniques that have worked for you? We’d love to know so comment and tell us what’s on your mind.