Why and how to use beard balm for the best result

Is your beard long, dry and unruly? Or maybe you’re a bit earlier on in your beard growth journey, and the unbearable itchiness is driving you nuts?

No matter how manly the man he still needs to moisturise and condition his skin and beard regularly.

Where image is everything beard balm offers the perfect solution, and using one with high-quality natural ingredients is key to getting that healthy look and feel to your lions’ mane,

Used every day when preparing to go out the door will treat dandruffsoften your beard, moisturise your skin, and keep your beard hairs in place.

But you’ve got to use it correctly and to talk you through it, we’ve put the following guide right here for you.

All beard balms are made up of beeswax, a butter, and a combination of oils.

The wax is what gives the balm its hold but don’t expect to be creating the kind of hair styles you would find in a Tim Burton movie. However, a noticeable difference in look and feel awaits and here’s what you should be doing though.

Stop over washing.

It can be tempting to keep washing your beard to calm the itch. However, overdoing it is stripping the natural moisture and oils your skin produces leaving it dry and brittle. 2-3 times a week is recommended with a decent shampoo that is meant for beards. You could also try conditioning beard wash treatments some of which will recommend daily use if you do prefer more frequent use.

However, every evening you should be using warm water to wash your beard of the build-up it accumulates during the day. Now that your beard is washed you can comb out any knots with ease. No knots mean a longer, more even looking beard then it’s time to use a 100% natural beard oil.

Start to Massage & Moisturise.

So, you’re up had your coffee and it’s time to get ready for the day ahead. Take a pea size amount of your chosen beard balm aroma from our professionally made range and rub evenly on your fingers. Starting at your neckline run your fingers through your beard in an upwards motion getting deep into the roots and nourishing your skin. You want to get right underneath your beard and take the time to massage the balm up from your neck to your jawline then cheeks spreading evenly and carefully. Don’t forget to take the time to run your fingertips around your mouth line and under your bottom lip. These are often overlooked and usually are the areas that dry out first. You can then work on your moustache and apply more balm if needed or use a stronger wax to compliment your style of choice.

Continue to be a boar.

Using a good boar bristle brush will help distribute your beard balm nicely through your beard so make sure you add one to your wash bag. Especially in the early —months of growth keeping the knots out and your hairs guided into the direction of your chosen style makes a big difference in taming them.


Before you go to bed at night, rinse your beard with warm water and apply your favourite beard oil again. When you wake up, do the whole routine over again.

Unlike shampoo, beard balm can and should be applied every day. Be sticking to the plan you’ll notice that your beard becomes softer.

A lot of men mistakenly believe that having a beard is easier than shaving every day, but it takes just as much work to properly maintain.

Got the secret to a beautiful beard? Tried any other beard growth techniques that have worked for you? We’d love to know! Comment and tell us what’s on your mind.