How to trim your tache


It may only be a small strip of hair, but the moustache deserves more attention than most give it, namely when it comes to trimming. One key to a successful trim, is to maintain a normal facial expression when trimming. Rather than straining and stretching your face, by being relaxed and natural will ensure your moustache is even with all expressions. Scissors are imperative instead of electric clippers, because they allow you a more natural result. Check out this barber designed, 5 ½ inch length trimming scissors which are perfect for the job due their size and balanced weight. They’re an essential tool for your bathroom cabinet in keeping rogue hairs in check between trips to your barber.

Want the perfect curl?

First of all, you need to thin the hairs behind your curl out. Hey push it in all directions and often make it appear bulky and untidy. Brush the hairs straight down first to determine how much length and bulk need to be trimmed. Once the length has been determined, the bulk can be reduced by combing the hairs away from the face and removing the top layer. If you’re looking to maintain that dapper curl at the end of you tache then between finger and thumb gently pull the hairs at the front away to keep them safe. Using your scissors carefully trim the hairs behind them. This will avoid your curl being pushed and clumped in all directions by these back hairs, allowing you to style your curl more easily. Once these hairs are out of the way it will be easier to trim the curl to keep it looking neat. Finish off and maintain that well-earned look with a good clean and natural Moustache Wax

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