Why and how to use beard oil for the best result

A great place to start and to maintain throughout your beard growing experience.

Beard oil will help create a more manageable, fuller, and smoother beard to run your fingers through time and time again with pleasure. With a healthy and nourished feel, it is a must for any man with a beard.

Investing in a beard oil with high-quality natural ingredients is key to getting that healthy look and feel to your face and beard. By doing so will increase the speed of growth also so is definitely something you need to invest in whether you’re starting out or maintaining your perfected style. But you’ve got to use it correctly and to talk you through it, we’ve put the following guide right here for you.

So, you’ve chosen one of our awesome aromas, from our professionally made range now how do you put it to good use?

Start by putting an appropriate number of drops in the palm of your hand and rub them together to get an even spread including the fingertips.

The amount you need to use compared to the length of your beard will always come down to preference, hair type and style. However, a good guide would be to use 1 drop with stubble then with every inch of length add further 1-2 drops. You don’t want to be dripping with oil like you’ve used a bottle of Soul Glo from the Eddie Murphy movie Coming to America so start off lightly and find your perfect balance.

Starting at your neckline run your fingers through your beard in an upwards motion getting deep into the roots and nourishing your skin. You want to get right underneath your beard and take the time to massage the oil up from your neck to your jaw line then cheeks spreading evenly. Don’t forget to take the time to run your fingertips around your mouth line and under your bottom lip. These are often overlooked and usually are the areas that dry out first.

Now it’s time for the moustache

Again, take your time here ensuring you work the oil through this area of your face. The hairs here are a sensitive bunch due to the extra workout they get on a daily basis. From being trimmed more often, styled with wax and played with a Dick Dastardly manner when you’re devising a cunning plan. They go through a lot so give them some attention.

Finally, shape your beard with the remaining oil into the glorious beard you have carefully crafted. People give up on their beards because they itch and that’s because their pores and skin are not being cared for. By using your oil regularly, you will get through this stage of growth which is roughly 3 weeks. Continued use of oil thereafter before bed having rinsed your beard of the daily grind will keep those hairs of yours strong, nourished and looking awesome.

Got the secret to a beautiful beard? Tried any other beard growth techniques that have worked for you? We’d love to know! Comment and tell us what’s on your mind.

Dave Smith

The Oil or the Balm?

Over the last couple of years, I have followed the increase in new products to help maintain, control and sustain a healthy and full beard. I have been fortunate enough to have experienced many examples from all over the globe on my travels. With the wide array of oils made in the states, balms from Ireland combs from Thailand and Shampoos from Australia, you name it and I have tried it to see what works and what doesn’t.
One thing that took me a while to figure out though was why oil or why balm? What should I be using for my style of beard? What is the difference?
The majority of beard care providers offer both oil and balm so before you commit, here is my experience of the difference that may help if you’re stuck with deciding between the two.

The Beard Oil

If you are one of those lucky guys whose beard stays mostly in shape and lays well naturally then beard oil is the one for you. It gives those needed nutrients and conditioning qualities to have a healthy beard and keeps your hair growing strong, without giving the added hold that other less fortunate gents require.

You can find many different aromas to suit your taste and the feel to your hairs in terms of softness and looking healthy will have you stroking those hairs with pride.

The Beard Balm

Now there are many variants of beard oils out there with numerous flavours and scents. Beard balm consists of all the same types of ingredients that you will find in oil blends.
The difference? Well, a balm has a primary base of Beeswax, Cocoa Butter or Shea Butter. This gives it that waxy, creamy like feel that melts in the hand before you massage it into your beard.

Now a balm has two main purposes. Firstly, it is great at conditioning your beard and secondly, it provides hold for styling purposes. My beard suffers from a few random hairs sticking out in places often so if you suffer the same then a balm is great at giving it that control and hold to your shape whilst also looking natural, neat and tamed.

Me? I go the combo route like many others and enjoy the best of both. I use a bit of oil before bed after a warm water wash through my beard. Massaged in starting from my neckline up in the cheeks and making sure I don’t miss the skin around my lips. Finally, I comb it through which gives me the conditioning and healthy shine I cherish. In the morning, I do the same routine, however, using my balm instead of oil to give it that hold and neatness through the working day.

Whatever works for you, as a bearded man, one or both is an essential tool for that grooming kit.

Dave Smith