Andreia Gouveia – Barbearia da Cruz, Lisbon , Portugal

Name : Andreia Gouveia (nickname Bratz )

Barbershop name : Barbearia da Cruz

Location: Lisbon , Portugal



What got you into barbering & how long have you been in the game ?

Since I was little I saw my mother working at her hairdresser, where I always tried to help during my school vacation, but honestly woman’s hair annoyed me, I was always excited when my mother let me use a Clipper in some client hair.

Then I started to try to cut my cousins’ hair on my own initiative, and that’s when I started to get enthusiastic about it. However professionally, I was military, I went for five years, but over time I understood that this was not what it meant for me.

I started dreaming about being a barber and creating my legacy in the barber world, and in 2018 I took the first step, I left my military career and enrolled in a barber course at a school in Lisbon.

Since then I have enjoyed the barber game, I finished the course and had the opportunity to start working in a traditional barber shop in Lisbon, Barbearia da Cruz. Where I learn every day, I evolve and feel recognition.

With new barbershops popping up all over, what do you think makes a successful barbershop business? 

In our barbershop we make a difference, because we care about making very good haircuts, give a good service and the most important thing is that each customer leaves satisfied.

All services include a welcome drink, whiskey, coffee or water. The customer can choose the playlist, or the TV channel. We also have a guitar available. All this with great sympathy and we like what we do, and the customer feels it.

What are you finding is the most popular request recently?

In our barber shop we often do  Executive contour haircuts, Scumbag Boogie and Pompadours.




There’s a lot of banter between barbers which helps makes the shop a fun place to be. What’s the funniest situation occurred in your shop?

There are several funny situations, but the ones that are most in my memory are my three clients, very friendly, who like to come and cut their hair together, choose their music, I prepare their whiskeys and while I cut they go dancing in the barbershop, in a very funny way, and I love it, I laugh a lot.

Guys growing out beards have been popular over recent years, do you think this trend will continue & what’s your opinion on them?

I’m in love with beautiful beards. I think it is a trend that has come to stay. Men nowadays can be more careful with the beard, and that is crucial. Choosing the most appropriate beard style for each face, moisturizing it and cleaning it every day is essential to have a beautiful beard and give a boost in self-esteem.

Men’s grooming is only getting more popular, what new styles/products or techniques would you like to see brought out or developed within the industry?

There has already been a great evolution, but if I could do magic I would love to end hair loss, because it is sad to see some men who adore their hair and have no money for hair implants, and this affects their self-esteem a lot.

What one bit of advice, if you could back in time would you give yourself when you were just starting out in barbering?

Be more confident of myself, not be afraid.

What’s your top tip for cutting/trimming/fading/styling/skin or hair care etc or favourite tool to use in your shop? (We like to find unusual tips with this question so the more unique the better) Please explain as if explaining to a new apprentice.

I’m a recent barber, so I do not think I have any tricks to teach, but I have a lot to learn. And every day I get home and before I go to bed I watch videos on Youtube by professionals with a lot of talent, and it has helped me a lot with my doubts. So now I think my only tip has been to stay focused, passionate, humble and want to learn more and better every day.

It’s Monday morning your team are lagging from a heavy weekend what track do you put on to get everyone motivated?

I like to start Mondays with Hip Hop music, for example Drake – God’s Plan.