Dave Smith

Dave Smith (daveMBMR), Brighton Uk. Fundraiser, Voice Artist & Beard advice blog writer for EastWing Grooming Co. Bearded Villain Member since 2016 and Charity Organiser for Bearded Villains UK South Coast Charter.

Dave has been bearded since puberty struck! In some fashion, the facial rug has adorned his face much to the delight of anyone who has seen him without it! Dave decided to grow out the face mane in 2015 and has happily maintained it at its current length for the last year.

Dave’s fundraising efforts include coordinating a homeless run event in Brighton with the Bearded Villains UK South Coast Charter, making up care packages with kind donations from local businesses and Sainsbury’s in Brighton, with the proceeds from their Bearded Villains Charter T-shirt, and taking to the streets throughout the day and night to hand out these packages to the vulnerable homeless community in Brighton & Hove.

Dave’s favourite grooming tip is to invest in a decent wood comb and make sure you give your beard a good comb through with some oil before bed! Get those knots out and moisturise those hairs!